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NFC Silicone Wristband Advanced


$ 4.80

in USD

This is a NFC Type 2 wristband that can be worn by both adults and teens. Being waterproof, the wristband can withstand water splashes or sweat. The advanced storage capacity allows storing and retrieval of data.


  • Waterproof, withstand water and splashes or sweat

  • Can be read by most mobile phones with NFC function.

  • For adults and teens

Detail Description

Suitable for both teens and adults, NST-WX65A is a circular NFC silicone wristband with advanced storage capacity. White in colour with water-proof property, it possesses a NTAG203 chip and operates based on ISO14443A air interface protocol.


Physical dimensions

  • Size:198mm long with 65mm diameter

  • Thickness: 2mm

  • Colour: Yellow

  • Material: Silicone

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