Tree Health Electronic Record (TheR) System

Your Ideal Tree Management Solution

This system is specifically customized to serve purposes of recording routine tree inspection, monitoring tree inventory, managing all tree-related information and displaying all related reports.

System Overview


Centralized Cloud System (Web)

• Tree database

• Job Assignment

• Dashboard




RFID devices / Tags

• Hardware / Reader & Tags

• Multi-purpose RFID tree sensors

Android Mobile App

• Synchronized with web

• Input/update tree data anywhere

KEY Features:

  • User-friendly, up-to-date and all-around system for tree management of different scales

  • Consists of 3 key components: Centralized Web, RFID devices, Mobile App

  • Accept general tree data, also supports professional measurements

  • Integrated with 3rd party professionals

A. Centralized Cloud System (TheR Web)

A consolidated online database storing all tree-related information.

Support multiple user accounts with 3 levels of access management.

Tree Database

  • Stores complete tree data including: species, photo, flowering period, GPS location etc.

  • Record routine task with ease; pruning, pest control, tree-support system, risk assessment, etc.

  • Powerful data search engine with detailed fields filter, multiple result display formats

Job Assignment​​

  • Assign tasks to frontline staff

  • Display task lists and status for progress tracking

  • Risk Assessment


  • Tree health summary, detailed analytics

  • Supports data export in various formats (e.g. pdf, excel, image etc.)

Tree Database

  • Complete tree record

  • Powerful search

Job Assignment

  • Assign tasks & track progress

  • Risk Management


  • Summary & analytics

  • Data export

B. RFID devices / Tags



• Provide a unique ID for tree

• Various shapes/sizes that can be customized; nail, plastic name plate, etc



• Identify by NFC, QR-code and UHF  tags. 

• Support popular reader brands; TSL, Nordic ID, Zebra, etc

• Pocket-size readers with smartphone app


C. Android Mobile App

  • GPS displays tree location 

  • RFID read & write function, online/offline working mode

  • Automatic/Manual synchronization of tree data between app and cloud system

  • Data input by typing or taking photo and photo edit, various pre-loaded templates

  • Reading multiple RFID tags at once

Professional Measurement Data

Apart from the general tree and environment data, this system also stores:

  • Resistograph Data

  • Sonic Tomography Data

  • Movement Measurement such as Vibration & Tilt Angle Data

Integratable with Others

This system works well with :

  • IBM Maximo for asset and work-orders

  • Drone Surveying on GIS

  • Wild-fire detection system for forestry, plantation project, etc.