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Key Management

Do away with physical keys and its hassle, and the cost of replacing them. Issue time-sensitive PIN codes or Bluetooth keys from anywhere in the world. Greater control, visibility and traceability brings you a greater peace of mind. A technician could have permission for a single visit, while a property manager could have long-term rights to grant access.


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by iglooworks & Smart Padlock

Our Smart Access Control solution features a web dashboard for businesses to manage access in large-scale efficiently and effectively while eliminating the hassle of physical key management. Retrieve information with ease and perform complete audit trails to keep your assets and property secure at all times.

iglooworks is built with secure cryptography technologies for interoperability across multiple systems, that manages your access points seamlessly. Compatible with a range of protocols, we'll keep your locks connected so you turn data into useful insights. Uncover smarter ways for access management.

How It Works

Customise varying levels of access for different people. Set role permissions for different users to perform designated tasks on the dashboard. Administrative personnel can add properties and locks to build the structure of access management, while a manager provisions lock access to other users.

User & Roles Management
Smart Security

Easily customize the scheduling, and set up multi-factor authentication to users for secure access. Track access activities in real-time* to address pressing issues in the nick of time.

*Only applicable for Internet-connected devices.

Access Audit Trails

Easily retrieve information on who has been where and when. Greater visibility on access improves accountability and traceability. The dashboard lets you view all lock activities so you can perform necessary actions in a timely fashion. You can also track actions performed on the dashboard for audit trail purposes.

Property Development
Site & Facility Management
Building Management
Fleet & Logistics Management

Smart Padlock

Built for a variety of use-cases, the Padlock is the ideal tool to secure high-value assets or rooms. Access options include PIN codes and Bluetooth keys that are time-sensitive to provide greater control over different users.

Long Shackle

Interchangeable shackle for optimal versatility and increased deployability


Silicon Case

Added protection for the Padlock against industrial application impacts such as minor vibrations, weather elements, scratches and dust.


We provide customised smart access solutions to maximise ROIs and improve operational efficiencies for every industry. For more information, please contact us at

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