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The Hussar Active RFID Tag family consists of a series of tags designed for flexible and convenient tagging of people in different applications.  Not only small in size, the reading distance of Hussar Tags used with Empress 2.4 GHz Active RFID Readers is reliable and ranges from 5m to 50m.


Hussar Series Tags are best applied on people because of their compact design for convenient carriage.  The replaceable battery design together with low battery consumption of the tags are desirable for use in long term with great flexibility.


The main applications include:-

  • People Tracking

  • Automated Attendance Taking

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Hands-free Access Control


The Garrison Active RFID Tag family consists of durable tags designed for tagging of asset.  The tags are manufactured with robust plastic to provide excellent durability for various usages even in harsh environments. The robust design enables them to perform reliably in environments with metal and other non-RF-friendly items. Accuracy and readability is guaranteed at all times.


Garrison Series Tags are best applied to objects used in heavy duty environment with their dustproof and waterproof protection standard.  


The main applications include:-

  • Advanced Asset Tracking & Locating

  • Outdoor Fleet Management

  • Equipment/Tools Tracking

Environment Control

The Tempcorder Active RFID Tag family consists of a series of environment sensing active RFID tags equipped with accurate digital sensors and powerful RFID functionality.  Not only do all Tempcorder Active RFID Tags provide excellent reading range and reliability, their unique product design allows flexibility in application on different objects.


Tempcorder Series Tags are best for environment monitoring.  Their accurate digital sensors do not require any calibration and thus reduce operation cost and increase accuracy for environment monitoring.  

The main applications include:

  • Humidity Monitoring

  • Temperature Monitoring

  • Extreme Temperature Monitoring

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