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Proximity Marketing Solution

with iBeacons and Eddystone URL

Using Bluetooth Low Energy Signal for URL broadcasting

Thanks to its innovative design, Bluetooth v4.0 empowers the iBeacons and Eddystone Transponder to be the best partner of your location-based marketing, or LBM. With its extremely low power consumption, the new generation is also known as Bluetooth low energy (BLE). It now allows you to send relevant, timely and personalized marketing messages to smartphone users proximate to your stores or business simply with our Garrison™ Bluetooth Tags.





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Garrison™ Bluetooth Tag



Using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 or so called BLE technology, our Garrison™ Bluetooth Tag (BT02) serves as an iBeacon that sends out Bluetooth signals continuously to smartphones of your customers.

The Bluetooth signals, with an approximate range of 50m, can be taken up by both iPhones

and Android phones.

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The Solution

BLE Marketing Solution delivers the ability to provides micro-location awareness and achieve focused LBM. Garrison™ Bluetooth Tag sends your marketing message, such as promotional offers, new product releases and greetings, via Bluetooth v4.0 to iPhones and Android phones of passer-by, engaging them to your product sales, brand promotions and event invitations.


BLE Marketing Solution is supported by cost-effective and reusable Garrison™ Bluetooth Tags that can be attached on any surface, hanged on any object or carried by any personnel. With its adjustable range of 50m, a high flexibility is offered to message content. Retailers can attach a Bluetooth Tag at the entrance to greet entering customers (i.e. range: 5m) or to offer a cash coupons to passer-by (i.e. range: 40m). Customized messages can be sent according to customer proximity to the Tag. For example, when a customer is approaching the “New Arrivals” rack, product details can be sent to him from the Tag hanged there.


The Solution helps to provide a brand new shopping experience to your customers and to enhance your customer services. It can be integrated with your existing smartphone app or website, or can be used as a standalone solution without the need for complex back end systems. Hong Kong RFID also provides software development services in project base.


   Turn passer-by into potential customers by proactively sending out marketing message to their smartphones


   Optimize promotional campaigns by increasing the number of reach of the messages or offers


   Expand customer pool by customizing the messages or offers sent


   Save cost by minimizing ineffective marketing efforts


   Improve customer loyalty by notifying or reminding them about the newest offers


   Track customer activity for customer service improvements

iBeacon is a trademark of Apple, Inc.

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