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Our RFID Consultancy Services

With various experience in different industries, abundant RFID technical know-how, advance products and RFID specialized consultants, Hong Kong RFID is your reliable partner who is able to provide a full range of value added RFID solution in order to improve your operational efficiency in different organizations. By the powerful RFID technologies, our professional consultants can achieve your enterprise goals and optimize your return on investment (ROI) for your long term success.


Hong Kong RFID professional team follows a systemic and well-defined process for the implementation of the total RFID solution to our clients. Our consultancy process includes, but not limited to the following services: 

  • Understand your need

Firstly, we conduct an analysis specifying what our clients need from the RFID technologies. Our consultants, in person, investigate their business requirements, existing operation flows, business cases, deployment budget and IT infrastructures at the very beginning. Then our professional team can start the elementary estimation of how RFID can integrate into their existing business flow in order to maximize their operational efficiency. 

  • Site Visit

 RFID project is quite different with other I.T. projects as the solutions are very different among different customers. Apart from the distinctive operational flow, each of our clients has unique working environment, such as office, inventory, production line, car park, etc. Site visit should be arranged in order to obtain more information for the estimation of the scope of overall project. This environment investigation also helps our professional team proposing right RFID hardware and solution to maximize our customers' ROI (Return of Investment). 

  • Propose & Discuss

After studying the operation flows, business practices, RFID expectations and project budgets from our clients, our RFID solution experts will propose and explain some possible ways for the RFID system implementation according to our professional analysis. In this stage, our team will work closely with our clients in order to discuss and fine-tune the implementation plan, such as system design and modeling, project scope, time schedule and cost estimation. 

  • System Implementation

By our various experience in different industries, together with the closed communication with our clients, Hong Kong RFID thoroughly comprehends their requirements and expectations. Our solution experts have extensive RFID know-how, technical skills for the system development, and abundant experience for system implementation. They follow these three steps for the implementation of the total RFID solution: Pilot Testing, Revaluation, and Full Deployment.

Firstly the essential part of the system will be well defined and implemented for our customers in order to evaluate the performance of the system combining with their existing operational flow. After each pilot testing, new business flow will be proposed step by step. This can reduce the painful and risk because we would not deploy the wrong system flow at the very beginning. After several revaluation and re-pilot testing, our engineers will deploy the whole RFID system throughout the working environment in order to enhance the overall operational efficiency. 

  • On-site Training

Hong Kong RFID customizes various training programs to the staff of our clients according to their work scenarios and common practices. Their work force can then understand not only the functionalities but also the overall operation flow of this new system by these trainings. As a result, our customers can raise their work productivities and minimize the time calling to help desk. Our on-site knowledge transfer and training services are tailor-made and interactive with flexible schedules. 

  • Support & Maintenance

Hong Kong RFID provides our clients with a wide range of operation and technical support via different channels, such as on-site support, remote access, hotline, help desk, email and fax. We closely monitor and keep track of the progress for these on-going services and our highly skilled engineers assist our clients whenever they have any enquiry about our system. 

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