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One-Stop Asset Management Solution

RFID Asset Management System

 Offers all the necessary software, hardware, and asset tags you need

Check & Track All Of Your Assets With Us

School Asset 

Keep track on school propety & all other equipment

IT Asset 

Insight to the full life cycle management of your IT assets

Different RFID solutions for Different business 

Our team will listen to your enquires and and advise you on the most suitable solution. We hope we can help each of our customers to find their optimal AMS solution.

Select the appropriate RFID tag

With rich experience and knowledge in RFID technology, our team can help you to ease any difficulties on RFID, choose the tag that performs the best and customise the most suitable and precise tag choice for you.

Provide worldwide choices of RFID tag  

With plenty experiences in RFID industry, we have built partnership with different RFID manufacturers over the world.

This enables us to offer you the closest RFID supply that fulfills your needs. 

Choose the printing you want

In normal, most of RFID tag is only a piece of inlay with a white or transparent coating. Information is all stored inside the tag without showing on the surface.

However, we provide a flexible solution to our clients to customise their dedicated printing design.  

Unique and Secure ID

Unique ID number will be generated automatically and assigned to each of your products to make them identifiable.

Each ID number will be stored in each RFID tag, which only authorised people can read or write the tag. 

Hardware-Software Solution

Support you all the time

Thanks to numerous previous experience in helping different clients to build-up their RFID solution from zero, we are confident in providing our know-how to fully support any potential clients come from different industries.

Eligibility Study



Supplier netowrk




Tag Selection

To achieve accuracy, convenience and consistency throughout the whole asset management process, we offer you a total AMS solution ranging from product tagging to asset management system.


Comprehensive solution


Tracking and Extending life of surgical equipment and clinical asset

Critical Asset & Equipment

Increase Accountability & Eliminate Loss


Full insight & Detailed Report

Centralized platform to control all assets

Automated Check-in & Check-out functions

Easily track current location, current status, future schedule and history log of all assets

Create an asset register, take inventories, record maintenance, and track loan items

Fire Service Equipment

Assist in ensuring equipment in appropriate position and ready for use

Building Service Equipment

Connect every building equipment in construction world

Gas cylinder​

Automated Gas cylinder Managment

Alternative system choice for you,

NFC provides you a convenient and easily-implemented AMS.

Simply embed an NFC tag into your product

Simple Implementation

Either use NFC-enabled smartphones or a standalone NFC reader to manage all your asset

Conveient to use

Available to combine with QR code to provide higjer flexibility

Applicable with other technology

NFC Asset Managment System

NFC tag requires low operation costs

& no requirement of special reader hardware




Reduce Waste

GPS Locating

Android & Web-enabled

Elminate Manual Checking

Multiple Output Format


Cloud Service

Increase Asset Accountability

Easy to Use

24/7 Access

Cost Effective

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