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Enable your product by NFC

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What is NFC?

Buy NFC tag? 


Near field communication (NFC), is a revolutionary technology to many existing consumer products and electronic industries. It enables any NFC-equipped smartphone a magical power to interact with your traditional products, such as


  • Promotional aids and souvenirs

  • Consumer electronics

  • Greeting card, Toys and gifts

  • Premium goods

  • Gaming, Model and figures

  • Paints and Arts


There are various standards (types) of NFC. The deployment of NFC tags requires thorough understanding on RF basis. A good management of NFC tag can highly reduce the cost. Hong Kong RFID ltd offers NFC implementation and consultancy service as below:


  • Mobile App development

  • NFC label / tag design and customization

  • NFC reader modules and integration

  • Creative media and interactive elements

  • Link management, statistical tracking and analysis

NFC Development and Consulting
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