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Oil & Gas - Fuel Delivery in Construction Site

Fuel Meter Data Management

Electronic Fuel Delivery System (EFDS)
powered by Empress 2.4 GHz Active RFID


Energy efficiency has become a critical issue nowadays in meeting the world’s surging energy demand. Accurate real-time fuel consumption and operation time data for efficiency analysis and improvement is essential to achieve better energy efficiency. We need to find ways to use fuel wisely.

Our Electronic Fuel Delivery System (EFDS), combines:


  • functionalities of machine management 

  • and fuel meter recording, helps

  • automate the whole fuel injection process and records all useful data accurately and timely.


It is the best tool to help us use fuel efficiently and wisely.

Fuel efficiency of civil work machines, construction vehicles oil refilling monitoring, fleet management in oil refilling,on-site fuel delivery management, prevent oil stealing.



EFDS integrates advanced active RFID technology and customized hardware design to enhance operation efficiency of the fuel injection process.

It serves as an effective tool for:


  • Fuel Efficiency Management,

  • Replenishment Analysis.


Errors with recording data during the fuel refilling process could be prevented with the automated system.

The implementation of EFDS thus helps to enhance both efficiency and effectiveness of fuel usage to reduce operating costs substantially.



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Components & Operation of EFDS

Step 1:  Automatic Vehicle Identification AVI (by ID-Tag) 

              An ID Tag (transponder) is installed on each machine 

              to identify and give each of them a unique ID.



Step 2:  Duty data collection (by Operation Timer)

              The wireless Operation Timer (data logger) installed in each                            

              machine's fuse box records the operation time automatically.


Step 3:  Metering data collection (by ES-Box and PDA)

              The flow meter on oil trucks are connected to an ES-Box,

              which records the amount of fuel refilled.


Step 4:   Receipt Printing (by Mobile Printer)

               Data from both ID Tag and Operation Timer is consolidated and shown on                a Mobile Handheld Reader and printed out immediately.

Step 5:   Fuel conciliation and reporting (by Fuel Conciliation Program)    

               Consumption and efficiency report can be generated

               based on data obtained.

Unique Functionalities and Benefits

(See our EFDS Project in-action)

Improved efficiency under a wholly automated system

Easy vehicle identification

Accurate measurement of fuel consumption and operation time data

Reliable efficiency report for analysis

Environmentally friendly & sustainable

This system may not be available in your country or region, please contact our specialist for customized solution.

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