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RFID Project Feasibility Studies

How to Start?
Feasibility Analysis

RFID is a rapidly evolving technology, so fascinating that there are thousands of potential applications in any industries. People are using automatic identification to help corporates saving millions dollars. However, trial and field testing is not always as easy as people might think.

Service Overview

Hong Kong RFID Ltd has experienced in implementing RFID technologies into various applications for over 10 years. We design and manufacturer RFID device, alongside providing essential technical and selected software service to make it all work effectively. Our service includes;


  • Offering professional consultant to determine RFID viability

  • Aligning business objective with RFID projects

  • Eliminating false assumption and expectation

  • Minimizing potential risk

  • Seeking long term success

Some services may not be available in your location. Please check with your local service. 

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