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RF Product Design and Testing by

New Product Engineering and Development Team

 "Let Things Talk"

Apply RFID Technologies in ANYTHING

RFID has been the most easy and economic method for object recognition. Numerous applications are ready for exploitation to benefit our daily life. RFID applications range from access control, security, manufacturing, logistics, warehouse management, document management, vehicle, people and/or asset tracking, animal tagging and so on.  

With our hardware or product development team, Hong Kong RFID Ltd can apply this technology into almost any products. Also, it is simply to capture data by using tiny tracking chips that are affixed to products. Then you can benefit from lower price because of the efficiency RFID brings to the supply chain.

One-stop RFID Product Development Service:
  • Innovative RFID Product design

  • RFID solution consultancy

  • 3D drawing, mockup

  • Electronics and software engineering

  • Rapid Prototype, trial and sample preparation

  • Manufacturing & Testing

  • System commissioning

  • Product Compliance FCC/EMC, CE, RoHS, etc.

  • Implementation


The domain of our electronic knowledge:

All range of RFID technologies, WiFi, UWB network, sensor network, intelligent home appliance, high speed data exchange, telecommunication, ARM MCU programming and long life power solution. 

Project Reference: 
  • Intelligent home appliance

  • Highly interactive toys

  • UHF RFID reader and appliances

  • Corrosion Sensor

  • Pets monitoring device

  • Sushi dish RFID Automation

  • RFID guided robots

  • Interactive retail RFID sensor and display

Animal tagging instruments

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