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Empowering the Future Intelligent Building Process with Embuilded™ 

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Building Component Management System (BCMS)


RFID Solution for Construction Industry

Building and Construction Industry Background

About BCMS System

Over the years, Hong Kong has earned a reputation in rapid constructions of quality high-rise apartment blocks and office towers.  Specialized construction techniques, such as reclamation and design-and-build methods, have made Hong Kong a regional leader.  The local construction sector accounted for 2.7% of GDP by factor cost in 2006.  The gross value of construction work performed by main contractors reached HK$92.7 billion in 2007, up 2.7% year-on-year (YOY). 

To reduce the high building cost because of high salary, limited land, etc., constructor needs a conprehensive system of comprehensive material tracking and advance building.   In other words, RFID is the only solution which uses Auto-ID to assist and organize the whole building process. 

BCMS consists of 4 parts:​

1. RFID Tags

2. RFID Handheld PDA

3. Web-based BCMS Software

4. Android App

BC may include, e.g. 

1.  Precast Façade  

2.  Timber Door   

3.  Aluminum window  

4.  Metal Gates  

5.  etc.


A web-based RFID system for construction 

BCMS gives a Permanent & Unique ID to the basic building block precast "façade", traditionally using hand-writing.

Users can access the BCMS as a Web Application or by using handheld readers.  It is used for retrieving items'

status information. The system would track the item information, workflow records and reports that are generated

based on the data stored in the BCMS.

Benefits of using BCMS


BCMS incorporates RFID technology into tracking and brings efficiency and accuracy into the building components tracking process.


  • Providing an identification to each building component

  • Ensuring qualified building components 

  • Efficiently allocate every building component

  • Enabling a quick access to  QC and manufacturing history by digitizing data

  • Client and Supplier eligibly access to data server simultaneously 

  • Eliminating paperwork, hence minimizing human error 

  • Systemizing and streamlining entire construction project 

  • Time saving & cost effecitve

Benefits of using BCMS with BIM



  • Offering a big picture of overall construction project

  • Monitor every progress of individual part of whole project

  • Optimize human resources management and materials planning

HK RFID has over 10 years of experience in implementing RFID in construction industry in HK, with our client bases covering all local developers and contractors.  This RFID system can easily integrate with the logistics flow, quality assurance flow and BIM, highly praised and recommended by property owners. 

For this RFID-enabled building component database system, we provide total solutions including hardware and software, as well as consultancy on how to implement in different construction materials.  We are looking for interested overseas partners to promote, offer support and implement the same system to overseas market.


Internet of Things (IOT) solutions are widely used in Construction Industry;


  1. Material quality assurance; test sample ID automation and certificate system for concrete and steel rebar laboratory equipment 

  2. Dump Truck AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) and RFID token for Construction Waste Monitoring

  3. Lifting gears and safety protection gears periodically checking using NFC/RFID technology

  4. Worker position monitoring in underground or dangerous zone using active RFID

  5. Crane position monitoring using wireless sensors

  6. Corrosion of steel rebar inside concrete and cathodic protection (CP) patch and reference electrode monitoring

  7. Stray current monitoring in underground tunnel using wireless network

  8. Bulky equipment proximity safety for workers; person health-check data-logging/alert for heat stress

  9. Glass curtain wall and prefabricated casting module tracking from production to installation and BIM integration

  10. Building service equipment (BSE) maintenance and asset management; air ventilation pipe, HVAC, escalator, pump, etc.

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