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Chip Embedment Service

RFID has brought a revolution in tracking and tracing operations with the improved efficiency. Although there are millions types of RFID chips, they may not be the best solution to your business.


To further explore its possibilities and realise its full potential in various industries, Hong Kong RFID now offers Chip Embedment Service.


We make everything a RFID tag

What is Chip Embedment?

Chip Embedment makes a RFID chip part of your product.

We are able to converts a cable, a bearing, a nameplate, a zip and any other components into a RFID tag, which can be seen by a RFID reader.

Flexible Application to All Industries

Why Chip Embedment?



“Invisible” to your customers

                                       we keep your products    look the same as before 



         Enhanced     durability and reliability


we help to minimize maintenance cost while ensuring the chips work well



Tailored RFID chip incorporate


we turn your components into RFID chips instead

of tagging your




Improved security



we protect your products from counterfeits

***We offer total solution from R&D to post-sale

advisory services

Receive enquiry →Study requirement→Select suitable RFID chips→Develop prototype and testing→Generate reports for possible RFID incorporation→Supervise implementation →Provide on-going technical supports

Consumer goods suppliers:

  • Incorporate RFID chips into product design

  • Improve consumer experience and increase brand loyalty

  • Offer promising anti-counterfeiting protection

Chip Embedment
  • Smartphone rental

  •  Printer ink cart

  • Costume rental

  • Steel Nameplate

  • License plate

  • Pipe or valves identification

  •  Auto-parts tagging

  • Medical surgery tools

Manufacturing and construction industries:

  • Facilitate tools/part or component tracking

  • Strengthen security of equipment and valuable assets

Possible Applications:
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