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Environmental Monitoring System Empowered by

Tempcorder™ 2.4GHz Active Tag Series

Our Tempcorder™ active RFID tag family would be the best choice for applications in environment control and hazard prevention.  With new product releases, clients can enjoy more benefits with just a tiny tag, designed with powerful features. 

The TempcorderTM tag family consists of a series of environment sensing active RFID tags equipped with accurate sensors and powerful RFID functionality.  Each model demonstrates unique features with careful product designs, providing users the most flexibility in applying tags on different objects in harsh environment.

Breakthrough in environment control application:


Featuring Excellent Sensitivity and Durability

RFID Data Center Management Solutions: A Real-Time Environmental Monitoring System 

With our latest Tempcorder™ active RFID tag family, the company can keep track of every important environmental parameter, including temperature, humidity and more, inside the data center.  A Real-time & Automatic environmental monitoring solution is essential to every data center-owning company as to keep the environmental condition at an optimal level. Our solution involves a connection of our wireless Tempcorder™ sensors to a centralized cloud platform that allows users to remotely monitor critical environmental conditions of the data center in real- time, in detail and in different locations. 

Our latest Tempcorder™ active RFID tag series is also adopted with ISM 2.4Gmhz frequency and embedded with a rechargeable battery. The ISM 2.4Gmhz frequency is available and usable in worldwide which extends our solution coverage and compatibility to a worldwide level. The rechargeable battery characteristic raises our Data Center Management Solution to a higher standard by extending the overall lifespan of system and effectively reducing the cost and frequency of hardware maintenance. 

RFID Data Center Management Solution


Our RFID Data Center Management Solution offer:

  • Total visibility and complete control over the data center 

  • Optimization of cooling, environment and power control

  • Avoid any unfavorable and unexpected changes including overcooling, overheating and others

  • Painlessly harvest a remarkable save on the CapEx and OpEx

  • Insightful data and report

Case Studies:

Excellent reliability with wide detection range in extreme conditions


Every Tempcorder™ tag provides accurate temperature readings, enabling measurement of temperature in various conditions.  

For instance, Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02 is equipped with an external probe which can detect temperature range of –200°C to +500°C.  Temperature data in extreme locations and objects, such as electric meter rooms and rail tracks, can thus be obtained effortlessly which may not be possible when done manually or traditionally.

EMS Solution: Real Time Data Transmission for Monitoring Purpose

With a unique ID for each tag, instant temperature and/or humidity information measured are sent along with the tag ID to the reader and then the central server periodically, empowering accurate and timely data for strict environment control and monitoring applications.  Any unusual temperature conditions would trigger alarms to inform operators. Hazards due to overheating or dangerous temperatures would be warned and immediate actions can be taken.

Environmental Monitoring System


Monitoring System in Museums


Case Studies:

Tempcorder™ series – Your Ideal Environment Control Partner

There are many valuable places and areas in every organization. These areas require delicate care and well-controlled environment to ensure good preservation. Humidity and temperature are the most related factor in affecting the storage environment. If the environment is unfavorable, critical and valuable items might be eroded and destroyed. 


With our environmental control system using active RFID equipment, organisation can better protect the valuable items in organisation in a real-time and automated manner, while air-conditioner and dehumidifier could be adjusted automatically according to the data captured by the tags to make sure dryness and temperature in the locations, as well as prevent, overheating or fire of critical items

Case Studies:        Environment Control System for Museums

Apart from the mentioned general applications in most companies, more users can be found in specific industries

Sense Tag TT02




  • Museum, Data center, server room,

  • Farming or planting,

  • Food logistics,

  • Storage warehouse

Extreme Tag PT02




  • Railway, Industrial,

  • extremely hot zone, mine, construction, steel,

  • oil&gas industry

Moist Tag HT02




  • Museum, Data center,

  • server room,

  • Farming or planting,

  • Food logistics,

  • Storage warehouse

See below online catalogue for the specification and datasheet for Tempcorder tags. 

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