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Empress 2.4GHz Active RFID Online Catalogue


Empress™ is a series of active RFID that makes use of 2.4GHz, a worldwide ISM band for ultra low power identification operation. Our Garrison™ tags have earned FCC mark and the FCC ID is shown on each product label. Depends on the applications, the transponders / tags are divided into following models:



The smallest key fob size for personnel tracking.


The Hussar™ Active Tag provides excellent read range and reliability for high value applications such as people or asset tracking, inventory management, and supply chain management, etc.





(Model: HKRAT-CT02/CT02+)

ISO card size for personnel tracking.


Hussar™ tags could be mapped with user information stored in the database and such information could be retrieved instantly.

User behavior like visiting frequency could be gathered with the help of Hussar™ tags. Such information could be used for reference in future planning.

Waterproof, dust proof, shock proof, IP65 for industrial application.


HKRAT-RT02 provides excellent read range and reliability for industrial applications in extreme or harsh environments like construction sites and tunnels.


RT02 for proprietory ID boardcasting application.

RT02-BT for iBeacon or Eddystone application.

With digital temperature sensor.


Temperature sensing tag with robust and durable waterproof casing for environment control or hazard prevention applications. Compact design makes this tag the best choice for attaching to various objects.


With thermocouple for industrial temperature sensing.


Temperature sensing tag with external probe can detect temperature from –200°C to +500°C for environment monitoring or hazard prevention applications at extreme surroundings.


With both Temperature and humidity sensor.


Humidity and temperature sensing tag can detect humidity range of 0-100% and temperatures from –30°C to +80°C for environment control or hazard prevention applications.


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