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NFC Laundry Token Advanced (10 pcs package)


$ 19.80

in USD

This is a washable NFC Type 2 token that can be attached to clothing and linens. The token can withstand not only water and chemicals but also heat. The advanced storage capacity allows storing of data for various usages.


  • Waterproof, withstand water and splashes or sweat

  • Can be read by most mobile phones with NFC function.

  • For adults and teens

Detail Description

Manufactured in PPS material, NST-UR18A is a black circular NFC tag, which is washable and fit for uses in special environment. It can withstand +120°C for 1000 hours; +160°C for 35 hours or +220°C for 30 seconds. Containing a NTAG203 chip, it provides advanced storage capacity.

Physical dimensions

  • Size:18mm in diameter

  • Thickness: 2.8mm

  • Colour: Black

  • Material: PPS

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