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NFC On-Metal Sticker Advanced (10pcs package)


$ 16.80

in USD

Metal-resistance NFC tag! This is a self-adhesive sticker that can be used on metal surfaces for making reminders or giving instructions. It is the best option for outdoor environment!


  • Metal-resistance NFC sticker

  • Can be read by most mobile phones with NFC function

  • Waterproof outer-layer for outdoor uses

Detail Description

According to the NFC Forum Classification, it is a NFC Type 2 tag. It contains a NTAG203 chip that can be read by most mobile phones with NFC function. Its advanced storage capacity supports delivery of simple text messages, redirection of webpage and app open function. Based on the ISO14443A air interface protocol, it operates between -40°C to 70°C and is suitable for outdoor usage.


Physical dimensions

  • Size: 25 diameter (circle)

  • Thickness: 1.2mm

  • Colour: White

Material: PET + Ferrite


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