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World-first Smartphone Readable IC Chip (5pcs)


$ 18.00

in USD

The world-smallest smartphone-readable NFC chip for directly apply as product-embedded IC.


  • Tiny and square design allows more convenient use

  • High temperature resistance

  • Robust

  • Reading range 12mm

Detail Description

This is the world-smallest smartphone-readable NFC chip for directly apply as product-embedded IC. As a NFC Type-II tag, it can be read by many devices including android smartphone(very close range), NFC reader…


As its tiny size, it can be embedded in different products easily such as toys, clothing, accessories... The memory inside the chip allows you to store and quickly access to simple information such as website link, code, product specification...


Tips: To have the best performance, make sure you know where the antenna is located in your smartphone



Suggested applications:(embedded in)

i. Toys (figures, toy cars, robots....)

ii. Stationery (file, pen....)

iii. Accessories (jewelry, watches, wallet....)

iv. DIY products (leather work, wood work, jewelry diy....)

v. Clothing (cloth's tag, cloth's button....)


Note: This chip doesn't work well on metallic item.



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