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8mm x 8mm square NFC sticker (5pcs)


$ 25.00

in USD

An 8 x 8mm adhesive square NFC-II tag that can be read by android smartphone and NFC reader.


  • Square design allows more convenient use

  • High temperature resistance

  • Adhesive layer at back


Detail Description

This is an adhesive square NFC-II tag. It provides a reading range up to 2.5 cm. It can be read by wide range of devices including android smartphone, NFC reader…


As its small size, it can be embedded in different products easily such as toys, clothing, accessories... It also provide mounting option for different applications.

This tag is also flexible and robust against blending.


Possible Applications

i. Toys (figures, toy cars, robots....)
ii. Stationery (file, pen....)
iii. Accessories (jewelry, watches, wallet....)
iv. DIY products (leather work, wood work, jewelry diy....)
v. Clothing (cloth's tag, cloth's button....)

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