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Product Warranty

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Warranty Policy


HK-RFID warrants RFID Devices (Consumables) and RFID Devices (Non-consumables) sold to customers (the “Device(s)”) against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three months and one year respectively from the original date of delivery.


A warranty card will be issued with the product and sent with delivery. It must be presented together with the original copy of the official purchase receipt or dealer’s invoice when warranty service is rendered.


The warranty DOES NOT apply if the product has been (a) explicitly or implicitly altered or repaired in any way by anybody other than qualified and authorized technical officers of HK-RFID; (b) damaged due to failure to follow installation or operation instructions, abuse, negligence, fire, flood, acts of God (including, but not limited to, lightening strikes), natural calamities, electrostatic discharge damage, failure to provide suitable operating environment, improper transportation and storage or other events beyond HK-RFID control and damage that is caused during shipping for warranty and maintenance services and any Device that is returned with the security seal broken; or (c) the product model number label or serial number has been effaced or altered; (d) the product is under normal wear and tear after typical usage, including but not limited to circumstances of dirt abrasion, fading due to exposure to UV light, exposure to humidity.


For the detailed warranty terms and conditions for consumables, please download the following documents.

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