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Please email us if you placed an order

Order and Payment

Terms and Conditions

Start your RFID Project  with Us!


Order Process



1. Choose your product by Category.
2. Add items into your Shopping Cart.
3. Review your Cart to modify item and quantity.
4. Select order shipping destination.

Payment Procedures

1. Review your order.
2. Choose payment method
3. Fill in payment card information.
4. (MUST) Fill in delivery address.
5. (MUST) Provide contact information for delivery.
6. Enter model option at "Note to seller".

After Payment Procedure

For both buyer and seller convenience, please help to fill in once again your email in the contact form just locate in the vertical menu bar. This is to make sure that we can notice you have made and paid an order with us.

If this process has not been done, any delay on shippment may occur.

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