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Xtractor Series


  • Xtractor Reader Access License

  • Xtractor Rasperry Pi






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Passive RFID - HF

Passive RFID - NFC

Passive RFID - UHF

Active RFID

Bluetooth 4.0 (BTLE)


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Xtractor Reader Access License 


$ 650.00

in USD


  • A xx-digit license key code

  • Permanenet license (exclude any software update)

  • One license key code for one reader only

  • All licenses can be managed through Xtractor Server

Detail Description

Xtractor Server & Xtractor Agent redefine the RFID Middleware, delivering a comprehensive data collecting, processing, formatting and storing functions across the RFID value chain. Simply put, Xtractor Server & Xtractor Agent helps you transform your data collected from RFID tags and readers data into different formats for different backend applications in a convenient way.

This product includes only a per reader RAL and does not include the Xtractor Server & Xtractor Agent software.


Learn more about them & download them for free through below:

Xtractor Server

Xtractor Agent

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