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VTag Anti-loss Keyfob


Your Ideal Little Keeper

$ 25.00

in USD

VTag is the ideal helper to keep ‘easily misplaced valuables’ in your sight! Hook a VTag onto your valuables and connect it with BlueSmart on your phone allows you to quickly locate the hiding items within 30 feet. With VTag, no more panic attack when you are missing your phone, keys, wallet, bags, even cars in somewhere you forgot (which turns out they are usually buried between the couch cushions).


  • One-step Start-up

Download BlueSmart from App Store pair your tag, it works! You can now use the "Find Me" function to locate your tagged objects.

BlueSmart on App Store


  • Small but Powerful

Hang the keyfob VTag onto any objects. It sends notifications when your VTag and your phone are out of range from each other to protect your valuables.


  • Wide Application

Apply on your keys, name badges and other easily-misplaced items as a Object Finder. Attach onto your wallets, camera and bags for Anti-theft function. Hang on your kids and pets to prevent them from running away. Link with your car to save the parking location.


  • Environmentally-friendly

Powered by Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology makes the battery ore durable.


Detail Description


VTag is compatible with iPhone 5S, 5, 4S, iPod touch 5, iPad mini, and iPad with Retina display. A CR2032 gives it a 6-month life span under common applications. Using Bluetooth® 4.0 communication system, VTag can talk to your iPhone or any other devices that support BT4.0 in 20m distance!


Now, when you want to find your tagged wallet, keys or remote controls, simply open your App and press the corresponding Tag ID, the tag will then ring up like “beep beep beep”  to show you its location, so that you can quickly spot the item in seconds. Also, it can be used as an anti-loss tag by setting distance-based alarms. Set an alarm if your wallet is 10m away from your phone to stay alert with your properties! It is very useful especially when you are travelling or when you attend mass events.


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