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Keyfob Bluetooth UHF

RFID Reader



$ 650.00

in USD

Want to upgrade your bar-code labeling system? Here is the best choice! qIDmini reads UHF tags and directly types the EPC into your iPhone/ iPad/ PC entry box!




  • EPC C1, G2, ISO 18000-6C

  • Bluetooth and USB communication

  • SPP and HID Bluetooth profiles

  • Small, lightweight and ergonomic form factor

  • LCD display

  • Beep sound and vibration feedback

  • Strap on ability to your belt

  • Android, iPhone/iPad compatibility

Detail Description

“qIDmini” can emulate generic keyboard (for PC or mobile device) inputting EPC of multi tags, nice and simple! It is going to replace your barcode scanning system completely!


Thanks to the Bluetooth® communication interface, it works perfectly well with your iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, PC or any other Bluetooth® enabled host! Once the connection is established, the EPC or Tag ID read will be 'type' into your device directly. The reader can also operate in "Batch Mode", allowing to store EPC codes into the internal memory when the communication link (Bluetooth or USB) is not available.

It has an integrated antenna suited for short to medium range applications, such as stock taking, field sales mobility and asset tracking in office or factories. Its LCD display, buzzer and inbuilt vibrator equipped it for signaling in diverse environments, it supports you well no matter in outdoor, noisy or dim areas.

The reader is compatible with Windows XP/7, Windows CE/Mobile, Android, iPhone and iPad. The best news is, NO new or additional software is needed, because it fits in with all basic and common systems.


For version option, please input the corresponding Product Code in the Order Comment box on the Checkout page.

US Band: 917.1 ~ 926.9 MHz [HKRUR-R1170I-U]

EU Band: 865.1 ~ 867.9 MHz [HKRUR-R1170I-E]


Video Demonstration

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