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NFC Label & High Frequency Tags

NFC Labels and tokens

Near Field Communication (NFC) has increasingly been a vital feature of new android smart phones. It enables smart phone to rapidly receive a short electronic message by pairing device or URL, more or less similar to the operation of QR code. It also allows “device-to-device” applications such as payment. NFC-Shop.NET provides quality finished and printed NFC labels and tags.


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NFC is an innovative and potential tool, widely used in:

  • Smart business card, greeting cards

  • Smart posters, advertisement links or aids 

  • Video link or Social media links for Follow, Check-in, Like, etc, 

  • Wifi / BT pairing for electronics such as speakers and smart watch, etc.

  • Authentication for anti-counterfeit

  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul validation



High Frequency, ISO15693 or Mifare Tags


Trees & timber wood:

Other than standard products, Hong Kong RFID offers a one-stop service including design, manufacturing and product customization. Special or customized products are available upon request.

Contact us for your tailor-made product. 

High Performance UHF Tags

Hong Kong RFID provides high performance EPC Class 1 Gen 2 UHF tags which have a long list of case references. These high performance rugged tags offer versatile attachments and a long read range to adapt to challenging industrial environment 

Highlighted Products:


Robust ABS Metal-mount UHF tag, RF-optimized


P/N: HKRUT-G2M5-grey

Light PET-packaged waterproof UHF tag

(PN: HKRUT-G2026)

P/N: HKRUT -G2026

Models by applications



          Suggested Models


Building service utilities



HKRUT-G2MH30X Tag Series

Laptop, Desktop                                   

HKRUT-G2MH30X Tag Series

Audio & Video Equipment

HKRUT-G2MH series


Glass Tag (link) on windshield;

HKRUT-G2M5 on license plate

Plastic, paper or wood


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