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Passive RFID Readers

Ultra-high frequency UHF

Stationary Readers:      

  • UHF Antenna-Integrated Reader HKRUR-3083











Mobile Handheld Readers

  • PDA types:      Window Mobile or CE 5.0, HKRUR-8080      (Newly launched)

























  • Smartphone 3.5mm connection:       ARETE


Remark: Ultra-high frequency is subject to RF ordinances and regulations of different countries.
To avoid the problem of incompatibility, please let us know the end-users’ location.

High Frequency, HF, 13.56MHz

Stationary Readers:

  • HKRHR-Desktop reader catalogue

  • HKRHR- IQ02 product catalogue


Mobile Handheld Readers:

  • Bluetooth-enabled high power handheld for crowd HF tag reading: 

  • HKRHR-7028 Reader

  • Illustration: Library and jewellery management.


PDA types: Window Mobile or CE 5.0
HKRUR-8080 series

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