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Xtractor Series


  • Xtractor Reader Access License

  • Xtractor Rasperry Pi






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Passive RFID - HF

Passive RFID - NFC

Passive RFID - UHF

Active RFID

Bluetooth 4.0 (BTLE)


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Xtractor Series - RFID Middleware

Xtractor Server is an enterprise level RFID middleware that enables you to manage all licensed RFID readers that registered with and Xtractor agent. Xtractor server also acts as a central place that translate and transport information collected to different endpoints.


**Free trial automatically expires after 30 days**

Free Trial

Xtractor Agent is a RFID middleware that works along with RFID readers and Xtractor server. Xtractor Agent is more likely a front-end RFID software. It serves as a connector that connects the readers and the server. Readers must be registered with agent in order to be managed. 


**Free trial automatically expires after 30 days**


Free Trial

Reader Access License is needed to vertify, register and license the RFID reader after free trial period. After the free trial period, RFID readers can only be coneected to and manged by Xtractor agent and Xtractor Server with RAL. One RAL is corresponding to one reader.

Xtractor Pi Embedded

The Xtractor Pi Embedded series is a lightweight, integrated       devices that comes with embedded Xtractor Agent running on   embedded linux system such as Raspberry Pi series or other industrial compact linux machine.

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