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Xtractor Series


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Passive RFID - HF

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Bluetooth 4.0 (BTLE)


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Xtractor Pi Embedded


$ 350.00

in USD

The Xtractor Pi Embedded series is a lightweight, integrated device that comes with embedded Xtractor Agent


  • Control & Manage RFID devices

  • Gather, Process, Format data from RFID readers and tags

  • Directly connected to on-site readers

  • Redundant data elimination

  • Support only EM02 RFID reader

  • Maximum 4 readers connectable (depends on computer performance)

  • Low power supply needed

  • Featured with fully functionalized Xtractor Server and Xtractor Agent

Detail Description

The Xtractor Pi Embedded series is a lightweight, integrated devices that comes with embedded Xtractor Agent running on embedded linux system such as Raspberry Pi series or other industrial compact linux machine.



With low power requirement, Xtractor Rasperry Pi will be a great choice for user to adopt into small-scale of RFID data and reader management.


Xtractor Pi Embedded is easy to use and easy to install as it only require user to plug with the RFID reader.

Xtractor Pi Embedded supports Empress-series 2.4GHz Active RFID readers and transponders.



Learn more about them & download them for free through below:

Xtractor Server

Xtractor Agent

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