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Typical RFID projects usually consist of more than 1-type or 1-brand of reader hardware, and they are maybe in different protocols

Middleware connects, communicates, configures devices and filters data from hardware which is best to be in one common interface


Middleware helps to reduce time-to-market & save cost by faster RFID implementation 

Smarter middleware is capable of working well with dummier readers and hence saving cost again

Companies in many industries see value in the use of RFID technologies to streamline processes,

delivers new capabilities and enables transformation.

One of the challenges is how to capture RFID data in an efficient way and how to process, store and share that data with other business services and information sources throughout your enterprise.

Xtractor RFID Middleware can provide all you needs.

Xtractor was not designed as a software product at first. Over many years, it was built  to tackle  most challenging problems in real RFID projects by professional and experienced RFID integrators.

Xtractor is a lightweight, agile server-based RFID middleware, designed for System Integrator or RFID system to have a quick RFID implementation for various industries.  Xtractor is a versatile data gatherer for both Active and Passive RFID technologies; from typical EPC Class Gen2 standard to sensors-based and location-based hardware.  

Xtractor Server is an enterprise level RFID middleware that is designed to be a robust, reliable and easy-to-use middleware platform that manage different types of RFID reader and also the RFID data collected by those readers.

Xtractor Server also acts as a central place that translates and transports collected RFID data to different endpoints, such as HTTP, PTP, MSSQL and etc, for different applications. Xtractor Server enables user to get value and meaning from RFID data.

Xtractor Server



Xtractor Catalog 

Xtractor Server Trial

Xtractor Agent Trial



RFID Device 






Xtractor Agent

The Xtractor Agent is an on-site RFID middleware that able to communicate with and directly handle theinteractions between different RFID readers and linking them with Xtractor Server over the network.

Xtractor Agent is easy to use as it only requires user to plug it with the readers with and connect it to network. It makes RFID applications easy.


Xtractor Pi Embedded

The Xtractor Pi Embedded series is a lightweight, integrated device that comes with embedded Xtractor Agent running on embedded Linux system such as Raspberry Pi series or other industrial compact Linux machine.

Xtractor Pi Embedded is easy to use and easy to install as it only requires user to plug it with the RFID readers.

Xtractor Pi Embedded supports Empress-series 2.4GHz Active RFID readers and transponders.


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