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The ARETE Pop is a great little RFID reader for short-range, UHF RFID applications. Plugging it into the microphone jack on your mobile device instantly turns your cell phone or tablet into an RFID reader.

[UR-APOP-X]ARETE Pop RFID Dongle Reader

  • Note: For other versions, please input the corresponding Product Code in the Order Comment box on the Checkout page.
    [DEFAULT] Hong Kong and China Band: 920.0 ~ 925.0 MHz [HKRUR-APOP-H]
    Korea Band: 917.1 ~ 923.3 MHz [HKRUR-APOP-K]
    US Band: 917.1 ~ 926.9 MHz [HKRUR-APOP-U]
    EU Band: 865.1 ~ 867.9 MHz [HKRUR-APOP-E]
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