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This SDK provides you everything needed for monitoring the environment. Embedded with temperature and moist sensors, our Tempcorder™ series are empowered to keep track of various environment data and supports real-time control. This is one of our Best Seller products. 

[SDK-EMWF-Sen]Empress SDK-Wifi Reader & Sense Tag

  • This SDK includes:
    -1 x Empress™2.4GHz Active RFID Wifi Reader (P/N: HKRAR-EMWF)
    -5 x Tempcorder™ Sense 2.4GHz Active Temperature Tag (P/N: HKRAT-TT02)
    -1 x Tempcorder ™ Extreme 2.4GHz Active Temperature Tag (P/N: HKRAT-PT02)
    -1 x Tempcorder ™ Moist 2.4GHz Active Moist Tag (P/N: HKRAT-TT02)
    -1 x CD Disc with:
    oXtractor™ – a ActiveX component for Software development, Full version
    oDemo / Testing Program with .NET version source code
    oUser Manual

    Possible Applications:
    -Attendance taking
    -People tracking
    -VIP identification and premium customer service
    -Access control
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