Want to track your PC, equipment, valuables with RFID in workplace? Pick this SDK! GarrisonTM tags are robust, suitable for harsh environment like industrial sites and factories. This package is best for identifying and tracking your corporation assets, so as to improve management efficiency.

[SDK-EMWF-Rug]Empress SDK-Wifi Reader & Rugged Tag

  • This SDK includes:
    - 1 x Empress™ 2.4GHz Active RFID Wifi Reader (P/N: HKRAR-EMWF)
    - 8 x Garrison™ Rugged 2.4GHz Active RFID Tag (P/N: HKRAT-RT02)
    - 3 x Garrison™ Responsive 2.4GHz Active RFID Tag (P/N: HKRAT-ZT02)
    - 1 x CD Disc with:
    o Xtractor™ – a ActiveX component for Software development, Full version
    o Demo / Testing Program with .NET version source code
    o User Manual

    Possible Applications:
    - Office asset tracking
    - Industrial site machine identification
    - Factory equipment tracing
    - Anti-theft solution for valuables