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This is a NFC Type 2 sticker that can be attached directly on metal objects. It is more durable than paper labels and is suitable for attaching on metallic objects. With basic storage capacity, you can store small amount of data and retrieve such data with a NFC enabled mobile phone.

[NST-MR25B]NFC On-Metal Sticker Bsc. (10pcs)

  • Designed for outdoor usages, NST-MR25B is a circular sticker made of PET and ferrite, operating between -40°C to 70°C. It is self-adhesive and can be attached on metal. Providing basic storage, it belongs to NFC Forum Type 2 and is based on the ISO14443A air interface protocol.
    Physical dimensions
    Size: 25 diameter (circle)
    Thickness: 1.2mm
    Colour: White
    Material: PET + Ferrite
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