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XXX bring things to the mass

Thanks to IoT and smartphone technology, the possibility and variation in retail marketing & advertising has been expanded so much.

XXX is the best partner of your retail advertising marketing.

Allowing you to deliver contextual rich content and interact with your customers

whenever and wherever you want

XXX comes Cloud connected which make it able to be modified, managed and controlled from the Cloud. 

Contents in all devices can remotely cahnge in one access at one time on a physical web.



Retail Advertising Marketing Solution

A wireless device that you can attach to any location or object

Supporting Eddystone , QR code, NFC and iBeacon

Support by cloud platform

Promoting, broadcasting and delivering your product and message actively an passively

Garrison™ Bluetooth Tag



Order NOW!

Preliminary Specifications(soon)

  • Embedding Eddystone, iBeacon, NFC and QR code

  • Interact with your customer

  • Send message to your customers continuously

  • Broadcasting signals with an approximate range of 50m

  • Can be taken up by both iPhones and Android phones


***We allow flexible choices, Buy the combination you want***


Tap or Snap through NFC & QR code 

Active - Passive

Content can be delivered to customer to the greatest possible extent


Cross platform compatible 


Single online platform manage all your devices deployed


One devices Multiple functions


Multiple content or link in one URL link


Only developer have the access to edit the content


Real Time Analytics


Know your customers' behavior

Adjust your strategy






iBeacon is a trademark of Apple, Inc.

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