UHF Logistics Fastener Tag
P/N: UT-I-F9003
- 320 x 24 x 4mm
- Material: Polypropylene
- EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C) standard
- Logistics management, cable management, animals tracking, food hygiene control
Low-cost Metal Tag
P/N: UT-G2M3
- 135 x 22 x 12mm
- Material: Plastic Encapsulation (ABS)
- Read range up to 6m
Building Asset Mount Tag
P/N: UT-G2M6
- 135 x 35 x 16mm
- Material: plastic with ultrasonic welding, IP65
- Long reading distance, up to 6m
- Vehicles, container, asset tracking, metal parts/ heavy duty metal objects tagging
High Temperature UHF Tag
- 27 x 27 x 5mm
- Material: PPA/ ceramic
- -40℃—250℃ for an hour
- High-temperature equipment/ metal mold management, industrial manufacturing, iron and steel industry
IT Asset Tag
P/N: UT-I7005
- 5 x 70 x 0.9mm
- IC: Alien Higgs-3
- Smartphone and other light assets tracking, IT assets tracking, metalic packaging, gas cylinder tracking
IT Equirement Tag
P/N: UT-I5015
- 15 x 50 x 5.5mm
- Material: ABS Plastic (custom print)
- Super adhesive mounting
- US/ EU/ CN versions
- Datacenter servers management, pallet logistics, storage rack identification,
UHF Label-on-metal
P/N: UT-SOM400
- 103 x 28 x 0.8mm
- Synthetic Label
- Read range up to 4 m
- IT/ office/ hospital asset tracking, logistics involving metal produce or packaging, pipe manufacturing and re-certification.
UHF Ultrathin Label
P/N: UT-SOM600
- 103 x 52 x 0.8mm
- IC: Impinj Monza 4QT
- Read range up to 6 m
- Logistics involving metal produce or packaging, pipe manufacturing and re-certification
Weldable Metal Tag
P/N: UT-I5050
- 50 x 50 x 5mm
- Rivert hole for mounting
- Energy and power system, industrial/ construction equipment tracking, oil & gas industry
Concrete Tag
P/N: UT-G2M5-R
- 80 x 31mm
- Material: PC plastic, RoHS compliance
- ISO/IEC 18000-6C
- Chemical resistance: machine oil and fluid, gasoline, motor oil, methyl ethyl ketone, alcohol, acetone, kerosene
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UHF Jewellery Label
P/N: UT-J9017
- 68 x 13mm
- Coated Paper/PP/PET
- Jewelry management, glasses tracking
9 mm Round Adhesive Tag
P/N: HT-J04
Soft Hang Tag
P/N: HT-J08
- 10 x 28mm
- Material: PVC
- Soft and reusable
- Luxary goods tagging, stocking taking
Custom Print Tag
P/N: HT-J10
- 10 x 26mm
- Material: PET
- Custom printing
- Brand tag, luxary retail marketing
Small PVC Tag
P/N: HT-J12
- 17 x 14mm
- Material: PVC
- Custom colour and printing
- Luxary branding, jewellery & watch stock system, pet tracking
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Product » Passive RFID Tags

Garment Tags

Small tags for jewellery/ luxary watches stock management and anti-theft.

Jewellery Tag


Passive RFID Tags

Passive RFID tags contain no battery or internal power. Instead it draws RE energy from readers to energize its circuits for sending information, thus they give a shorter communication range compared to active tag.


Hong Kong RFID offers HF (13.56MHz) and UHF (866 MHz to 960 MHz) tags in various forms and sizes. We are listing some of our products in the below categories.


Order information

1. Contact our sales at sales@hk-rfid.com for quotation.

2. List the product code (P/N) and quantity in your enquiry email. we offer quatity discount!

3. Mention any special requirements such as HF/ UHF option, customised size, logo printing.


Product Code (P/N)


Rugged tags for construction uses and other industrial applications.

Industrial & ConstructionTag

Tags for clothings, towels, laundries. They are widely used in laundry industries and apparel retailing.

UHF Garment Security Tag
P/N: UT-G9034
- 88 x 31 x 19mm
- Opened with hook gun
- Garment tracking, Apparel retail management
UHF Garment Woven Tag
P/N: UT-G9028
- 50 x 35mm (Custom)
- Washing Period: 2 hours in the water
- Drying Time: 2 hours with 100℃
- Iron Time: 10-60 sec
- Apparel anti-counterfeit
UHF Garment Clip Tag
P/N: UT-G9014
- 70 × 26 × 16mm
- Garment logging, warehouse management
Garment Price Tag
P/N: UT-G9012
- 85 × 32 × 1mm (Custom)
- Material: PVC
- Apparel stock management
Flexible Silicon Laundry Tag
P/N: UT-G9013-5
88 x 4 x 4mm, 1.85g
- Durable, stands numerous washing cycles
Silicon Spring Tag
P/N: UT-G9013-5-1
- 86 x 5.0 x 3.3mm
- Chemical resistance: detergent, softenrm bleach (oxygen/ chlorine), alkali
- Heat resistance: 120℃ drying, 230℃ ironing
- Laundry industry, uniform management
Strip Laundry Tag
P/N: UT-G9013-4
- 55 x 10 x 2mm
- Material: FPC and silicone base material
- Heat resistance: 120℃ drying, 200℃ ironing
- Laundry industry, garment management
UHF PPS Laundry Tag
P/N: UT-G9013-6
- 40 x 24 x 2mm
- Fixture: Sew/ hang
- Industrial washing, hotel garment management
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Wristband Tag


Best option for personnel management in exhibitions, company events, theme parks, etc.

Vehicle Tag

UHF Spring Bracelet Tag
P/N: UT-W9033
- 72 (Dia) x 6mm
- EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C) standard
- Theme park/ carnival flow management
Disposable Wristband Tag
P/N: UT-W3016 (UHF/ HF)
- 250 x 18 x 1mm
- Material: Soft PVC
- ISO 14443/15693 standard
- Personnel management for hospital/ swimming pool etc
Silicon Wristband Tag
P/N: UT-W3015-1 (UHF/ HF)
- 65mm (Dia)
- Material: silica gel
- Theme park ticketing, swimming pool/ hot spring locker system
One-way Wriststrap Tag
P/N: UT-W101O
- Custom size and colour
- access management for events
Nylon Wristband Tag
P/N: UT-W102N
- Custom size and colour
- Leisure industry, wellness industry
Silicon Adjustable Watch Tag
P/N: UT-W103A
- Custom size and colour
- Access management for theme parks or excitement park
Distant Adjustable Wristband Tag
P/N: UT-W9005-3
- 258 x 21 x 10mm
- Material: Silica gel
- Custom colour
- Pet tagging, cloak-room management
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Car tags and tire tags help to identify and track your vehicles and parts.

UHF Fragile Paper Windshield Tag
P/N: UT-V9025-1
- 98 x 24mm (customize)
- Material: Friable Paper Material
- Non-reusable
- Vehicle management
UHF Windshield Card Tag
P/N: UT-V9027
- Credit card size (custom)
- Custom print
- Smart parking system
UHF Distant Ceramic Windshield Tag
P/N: UT-V7002
- 85.6 × 54 × 1mm
- Read range: 6-15m
- Vehicle management, no parking charge
Patented UHF Tire Tracking Tag
P/N: UT-V9020
- 84 x 1mm
- Resist at least 200℃
- To be embedded within the tire during the manufacturing process, where it will last the lifetime of the tire
- Prevent tire theft and cloning
UHF Tire Tracking Tag
P/N: UT-V9020-1
- 95 x 35 x 3mm
- Material: Rubber
- To be embedded within the tire during the manufacturing process, where it will last the lifetime of the tire
- Tire factory, automobile factory, vehicle management
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Label and Sticker

Keyfob Tag


Keyfob is best for personnel management and access control applications.

ABS Waterdrop Tag
P/N: HF-BAB016
- Custom shape and size
- Office asset management, school attendance system
ABS Retengle Tag
P/N: HF-BAB001
- Custom shape and size
- Attendance system, asset tracking
PVC Keyfob Tag
P/N: HF-BPV000
- custom shape and size
- Event personnel management, luggage storage system
FR4 Epoxy Keyfobs
P/N: HF-BFR000
- custom shape and size
- material: glass fiber reinforced epoxy material
- Exhibition promotion, souveniors
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Labels and Stickers

RFID labels and stickers can be trailor made for YOU and your SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS. 

UHF Label Tag
P/N: UT-LS5001
- 43 x 18mm, roll: 4-7 m
- EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C) standard
- Logistics management, asset management
UHF Alien 9640 Label Tag
P/N: UT-LS9640
- EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C) standard
- Aviation baggage management, tray management
HF Square Sticker
P/N: HT-LS2004
- 50 x 50mm
- ISO14443A/ISO15693 standard
- IT equipment tracking, library management, dangerous goods management
HF Round Sticker
P/N: HT-LS2010
- ISO14443A/ISO15693 standard
- Logistics management, library management
HF Label Tag
P/N: HT-LS2005
- 86 x 54mm
- ISO14443A/ISO15693 standard
- 13.56MHz
- Library management, assets management
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Low-cost Metal Tag

P/N: UT-G2M3 - 135 x 22 x 12mm - Material: Plastic Encapsulation (ABS) - Read range up to 6m