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Garment Tags

Small tags for jewellery/ luxary watches stock management and anti-theft.

Jewellery Tag

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Active RFID Tags

All our tags 


Passive RFID tags contain no battery or internal power. Instead it draws RE energy from readers to energize its circuits for sending information, thus they give a shorter communication range compared to active tag.


Hong Kong RFID offers HF (13.56MHz) and UHF (866 MHz to 960 MHz) tags in various forms and sizes. We are listing some of our products in the below categories.


Empress™ is a series of active RFID that makes use of 2.4GHz, a worldwide ISM band for ultra low power identification operation. Our Garrison™ tags have earned FCC mark and the FCC ID is shown on each product label. Depends on the applications, the transponders / tags are divided into following models:


Order information

1. Contact our sales at for quotation.

2. List the product code (P/N) and quantity in your enquiry email. we offer quatity discount!

3. Mention any special requirements such as HF/ UHF option, customised size, logo printing.


Product Code (P/N)

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Rugged tags for construction uses and other industrial applications.

Industrial & ConstructionTag

Tags for clothings, towels, laundries. They are widely used in laundry industries and apparel retailing.

Wristband Tag

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Best option for personnel management in exhibitions, company events, theme parks, etc.

Vehicle Tag

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Car tags and tire tags help to identify and track your vehicles and parts.

Label and Sticker

Keyfob Tag

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Keyfob is best for personnel management and access control applications.

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Labels and Stickers

RFID labels and stickers can be trailor made for YOU and your SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS. 

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